Terribly Tiny Tales, one of the top favorite story-tellers today, conducted a workshop on how to write interesting, unique and heartening tiny tales.


Toy making

Mr. Sudarshan Khanna, the National Award winner for design-science among children, and his daughter Ms. Surabhi Khanna, Design Educator, together conducted the toy making workshop. It was a sure revisit to the golden childhood days.



A workshop on cooking taught the teens some quick tips to cook lip-smacking and delicious food.


Mahabharata Workshop

The workshop revisited the greatest epic of all times – The Mahabharata.


Dance Competition

The Met Gala night saw amazing dance performances by the young students, the results of which were announced the next day. It also saw a special performance by Foot Loose Boys.


Singing Competition

The evening got into a melodious spell when budding singers entertained the audience with their exemplary singing skills.


Yoga/ Zumba

The morning was started by energizing yoga and Zumba activities, which were enjoyed by the teens thoroughly.



The event also had facilities for the students to play sports like Basketball, Volleyball and Lawn Tennis.


Odissi Dance

Ms. Kavita Dwibedi, the esteemed Odissi dancer from Spic Macay took the workshop on all three days, sharing with the students the incredible beauty of this dance form.


Flute playing

Ashwani Shankar and Sanjeev Shankar from Spic Macay conducted a three day flute playing workshop, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.


Madhubani Art

Ms. Shantidevi from Spic Macay taught the beautiful Madhubani art to the students, and we saw some very talented and happy artists in them.


Hindustan Vocals

Pandit Riteish Kumar mesmerized his young audience with his impeccable knowledge of music, and taught them the nuances of Hindustani ragas.