About The Indic Teen Fest

This was an opportunity for teenagers to explore music, the arts, culture, history, technology, entertainment and other industries, first hand. The fest was open to teenagers from around the world, promoting cross-cultural exchanges and learning amongst peers. They learnt the art of co-existence and building relationships with individuals from different backgrounds.
This wasn’t just a chance for teens to make new friends but an opportunity to grow their understanding about society and even themselves. This exposure to new areas of art, sport and science, inspired them to pursue a varied range of hobbies as they grow older. Well-rounded individuals bring the same passion and curiosity to work and play, enabling them to go further in both areas.

Today, countries around the world are understanding the importance of beyond-the-classroom programmes for kids. Programmes that promote the overall mental and physical development of youth, that are organised by trained professionals and ensure the safety of attendees, become a positive turning point for many.