Benefits of Teen Fest

The world and marketplace today is filled with diverse trades that require a multidisciplinary approach. Industries aren’t separated into boxes anymore, and one is required to have awareness of many fields to be able to succeed not just professionally, but in life. By introducing teens to various extracurricular disciplines, Teen Fest offered many benefits. In particular, teens who attended the fest gained:

  • A platform to expand their peer network, and meet more teens from around the world. This not only helps in understanding the different cultures, but also the mindset of different people.
  • An understanding to coexist with people with diverse mindsets.
  • Through exposure to various activities, and new people, it contributes to personality development.
  • A chance to challenge themselves, in a safe environment, but outside their daily comfort zone. This will prepare them to face similar situations in university, and later on in life.
  • An exposure to many new hobbies and interests they might not otherwise have the opportunity to explore.
  • A possible interest to channelise their energies into productive extra-curricular activities.
  • A sense of responsibility and confidence about handling themselves in social situations.
  • Encouragement from winning prizes and awards as part of the competitions and games.
  • Experience of live performances by musicians, singers, bands and budding artists.
  • Unique exposure to Indic games and culture.
  • An understanding of the past and potential of Indian cultural knowledge in the fields of Art and Science.
  • Connections to influencers and industry leaders who will inspire them.