Organizers and Partners

Organizer: Indic Academy

Indic Academy’s mission is to preserve, protect and promote Indic civilisational identity, thought and values. To achieve its mission, it seeks to transform thinkers, nurture networks and promote platforms. The academy is actively promoting multiple platforms for academics, activists, artists and authors to express themselves.

Organizer: Gateway Education

Gateway Education is a 30-acre modern campus in Sonipat, Delhi NCR. The campus has facilities for food, accommodation, outdoor and indoor activities etc. It is located at 90 minutes from Delhi airport, 70 minutes from Delhi railway station, and 40 minutes from Delhi metro. The city of Sonipat is also connected via rail and bus.

Media Partner: Swarajya

Swarajya is a 61-year-old independent media start-up. They are a new-age media company with a rich and storied legacy. Started in 1956, under the patronage of C. Rajagopalachari, Swarajya is an authoritative voice of reason representing the liberal centre-right point of view.
Swarajya’s primary focus is to channelise the positive impulses of an overwhelmingly young nation towards confidence and punch commensurate to its true heft – socially, politically, economically and culturally. Swarajya is at the vanguard of the new Indian renaissance.

Branding Partner: Create Cluster

Create Cluster is a branding agency based in Delhi with an international clientele. They create visual and verbal brand identities, brand events, and design impactful presentations for your company. As the saying goes- a picture really does speak a thousand words. They make sure the visuals and words associated with your brand are saying exactly what you want them to.

Training Partner: Vision India Foundation

Vision India Foundation identifies, trains and mentors bright young minds to make them agents of change. By investing in young individuals, they focus on systemic, long-term reforms by working on public policy, governance and institutional frameworks of the nation.
VIF was founded by alumni and faculty members of various IITs in 2014.

Online Education Partner : Collegedunia

Story Partner : Terrible Tiny Tales

Terrible Tiny Tales the world's most celebrated micro-fiction platform

Associate Partners: Academic Heights Public School

Academic Heights Public School (AHPS) is one of the foremost secondary schools of India that brings forth innovative teaching and learning methodologies in the school education system. Strictly following CBSE School’s curriculum, AHPS is a renowned 10+2 education provider with branches spread all across the country. Among so many schools in India, AHPS is a preferred choice for most learned and educated parents. After checking so many Primary Schools and Secondary Schools, they find AHPS as the best place where their wards can be enriched with knowledge and can head towards a successful life.

Spic Macay

SPIC MACAY is a non-political nationwide voluntary movement that organises programmes of classical music and dance, folk arts, crafts, yog, classic cinema screenings, heritage walks, etc. inside school and college campuses throughout the world to make students more aware about Indian and world heritage. This initiative makes education more holistic and meaningful as it highlights all that is abstract, subtle, inspiring and mystical in the world teaching one to look within oneself. SPIC MACAY runs on the energy of volunteers who come from all walks of life - students, teachers, housewives, professional and retired people, young and old. Nishkam Seva is a key aspect of the movement.

Penguin India

When it comes to books in India, you need a publishing house that understands your point of view. Penguin Random House India knows the market, understands new forms and styles of literature in India, and is a subsidiary of the well-established and well-respected global publishing house, Penguin Random House. As printers and publishers of adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction in the UK, US and India, we’re one of the most recognized names in publishing.